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For 18 years, Joram Hoefs has been supporting companies in the realization of digital business models.

Joram Hoefs is an entrepreneur, digital disruption expert and strategy consultant. He has been founding and leading innovative companies and shaping digital transformation since 2010.

He has been advising solopreneurs, companies and founders for over a decade. In doing so, he relies on tangible experience and knowledge from many years of practice. Whether in family businesses, medium-sized companies or large corporations – the buzzword being corporate venture – he has been able to experience and shape a broad spectrum of digital transformation over the past almost 20 years.

Since the beginning of 2020, he has been back on the market unattached as a digital business disruptor. He is an expert in digital strategies, development of online business models, digital transformation and “bleeding edge” technologies.

Joram Hoefs guarantees innovative digital concepts, measurable results, individual solutions and analytical thinking far outside the box.

Let’s disrupt you business, your mind, your industry.


18 years in the digital business - Let's disrupt your business, your mind, your industry!

Digital Business Disruptor and expert for the development and implementation of digital business models and strategies.

He supports his clients and partners in realizing new business models, processes and strategies in the digital space.

Benefit from his experience of almost two decades as an entrepreneur, tech nerd, software developer, online marketer, startup and agency founder.

Track-Record 2003 - 2021


Agents of Potential // Co-Founder

The manufactory of growth – the first open platform and infrastructure for personal growth is created after long planning.

Industry focus: Personality development / coaching & mentoring / digital platform.


National Center for Stress and Burnout Prevention // Co-Founder

An initiative of Light-Shield, the National Center for Stress and Burnout Prevention was established in 2021 with the goal of moving from a reactive approach to stress disorders to a proactive and preventive approach.

Industry Focus: Burnout and Stress Prevention / Vitality Mind Challenge®.


Light-Shield – Health Tech // Co-Founder & Managing Director

Founding of the health-tech startup in the midst of the Corona crisis with a vision: a healthy and resilient working environment in which employees are happy and healthy to perform at their best. Development of modern online-based analysis tools for early detection of burnout and stress, digital coaching platforms as well as applications in the field of workplace health promotion and health management.

Industry focus: HR Health Tech / Mental Health / Workplace Health Management


Krieger.Digital & PDG & The Real Yoram // Founder

Available on the market again since the beginning of 2020:
The core offering is consulting and development of digital strategies and business models. Docked on to this is a loose team of experts, service providers and agencies which operate under the name Krieger.Digital.

PDG (Praetorian Digital Group) is responsible for investments, cooperation and investment in new ideas and companies and is primarily active in other European countries. This includes cooperations with Business Immersion, Monsterkong, Still Waters and other companies.

Industry focus: Expert in Digital Disruption / Digital Strategy & Business Models.


Junge Haie – Digital Agency // Co-Founder & Managing Director

The agency was founded in 2012 with a vision: Doing Digital The Right Way – the mission back then: Combining excellent consulting with state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality standards. An approach that is commonplace today, but in 2012 revolutionary, new and different. Within only 8 years, the agency grew to more than 40 employees at three locations. Exit in early 2020.

Industry focus: Energy and telecommunications / event management / sales of products in need of explanation.


Dampfpunks // Co-Founder

In 2011/2012 the market around “electronic cigarettes” slowly emerged – we recognized the market trend and were able to build distribution networks, sales and B2B and B2C e-commerce within a very short time. Exit at the beginning of 2013.

Industry focus: E-Commerce / Retail


Ecommerce & Online Monetization Expert // Solo

Back to self-employment with the experience of the last years as an expert and software developer with focus on e-commerce and product information management as well as digital business models & online marketing.

Industry focus: Energy and Telecommunications / E-commerce / SEO / Affiliate Marketing.


Zeusmann // Co-Founder & CTO

Officially it started only in 2011, but effectively the idea and concept behind Zeusmann started already at the end of 2010. The idea and the ambition was no less than to take on the giants in the antiquarian and modern book market and to create again a marketplace dominated by antiquarians and trade with fair competition conditions for the used book market. Exit in early 2013.

Industry focus: E-commerce / Retail


Fliks & 3GStore - iPhone without contract // CTO

Development and operation of the in-house online portals, SEO, search engines & online marketing. As well as development and operation of the 3Gstore – Germany’s first online store for contract-free iPhones.

Industry focus: SEO/ Affiliate Marketing / E-commerce


Hoefs Verlag // Software Developer & Online Marketer

Established the online sales & online mail order business incl. marketplace business for the publishing house and the antiquarian bookshop. In 2003, we were one of the first retailers on the then still new Amazon Marketplace.

Operation and development of industry communication solutions Hess-Runde, Höfs-Runde and as well as the strategic development of digital business models.

Industry focus: E-commerce / marketplaces / affiliate marketing / SEO.


An excerpt from the current portfolio of companies, partners and start-ups.


Light-Shield is a young HR/Health-Tech startup from Northern Germany.

Light-Shield combines technology with empathy to create digital health solutions for a healthy and resilient workplace where employees perform at their best. With the Vitality Mind Challenge®, they offer the first online analysis tool for early detection of burnout, stress, emotional and mental strain.


Not a digital agency. They deliver the results no one dares to ask for.

Ad-hoc specialists team from the digital industry. They part as quickly as they came together. All the while realizing stunning digital experiences, reaching targets customers unstoppably, selling digital and real products online, gaining leads for customers, and executing online marketing campaigns with high conversion rates and top-notch brand recognition.

Praetorian Digital Group

Development and operation of digital business models & accelerator for new ideas.

Praetorian Digital Group realizes own digital business models and invests in promising young companies, ideas and founders based on Consulting For Equity models. PDG provides know-how, access to experts, implementers as well as direct tactical and operational consulting on digital business models and company building.

Agents of potential

Platform and infrastructure for personal growth.

Agents of Potential will start building the first platform and infrastructure for personal growth in 2021. In the future, projects and initiatives will find their home here, so that the heads behind them do not have to concentrate on anything other than the essentials: The advancement of boundless human potential.

Organic Growth & Master Brand Builders – as Featured in Forbes.

MONSTERKONG brings potential customers into your ecosystem, connecting you and your brand with your audience on all platforms, wherever they are. Monster Kong offers expertise in organic marketing as well as a variety of services such as virtual assistants, live streaming solutions and access to an international network of experts.

Youtube Video SEO Expert

MEOW MEOW SEO ensures that your video is found in the second largest search engine: YOUTUBE. Channel management, SEO and more


Disruptive Decisions - How we achieve the change we've always wanted.

Just as disruption in business, technology, and innovation in general continues to present us with massive upheavals and innovations, we can also apply the insights gained in recent years in disruptive environments to our decisions. Thesis: In order to really achieve our goals and the changes we desire, we need not only radical, or even disruptive changes in our behavior, but corresponding disruptive decisions. Only such disruptive decisions can be the cause of the desired paradigm shift.

In “Disruptive Decisions,” author Joram Höfs explores the thesis together with leading experts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders and addresses the question of “what kind of radical, disruptive decisions” lead to long-lasting business and personal success, how to deal with them, how to cultivate them, and how to integrate them into our own daily lives to achieve the changes we have always wanted.

Planned publication: 2023

Interview partner wanted

Currently we are looking for further interview partners who would like to contribute their stories, experiences and decisions in the context of radical and disruptive decisions and changes in the context of research and thesis verification.

For example, we are looking for:

Successful and also unsuccessful founders, entrepreneurs, self-employed,
People who have decided to make radical changes in their lives, etc.

Due to the current situation, the interviews will not be conducted in presence.


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I help people realize their potential and trigger a chain reaction of positive change.



Global citizen

I live and work all over the world and go where I am treated best. I have several citizenships and permanent residences in different countries. Several months a year I am in Iceland and Central America and spend a lot of time visiting the most beautiful places on this planet.


Empire of Light

The Empire of Light is a worldwide network and movement of people, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, experts, specialists, healers and other bright minds with their hearts in the right place, who together are transforming the world into a place where everyone enjoys living in health and dignity.


Inspiration for others

As a person, entrepreneur and author, my thoughts, ideas, words and deeds are inspiration for others.



I am always free and independent in my work and take direct influence on the environment and am the change I seek.



I am learning, transitioning and growing daily to become the best version of myself and to fulfill my own potential. When I meet the best version of myself at the end of my life, there will be no difference between us.